marți, februarie 22

Let's talk food!

So I've pretty much decided to be more blog friendly and write a little bit more about what I'm eating. This implies talking about favourite dishes or favourite food I shop in the stores. One thing you should know about me is that...

I've always been une petite grande gourmande and so I enjoy shopping for food more than shopping for clothes or shoes. So today after leaving work I've decided to finally try the new Vitalis cereals which come in the big pack and they're supposed to be a mix between crunchy chocolate filled cereals and some sort of the good ol' Vitalis. I've been postponing this 'acquisition' with my dieting and all, but today I thought I might as well enjoy them as I once was a fan of the banana chocolate cereals. The minute I opened the bag I could smell the artificial flavour. The taste was not that great either. And they were also quite expensive but they came with a pink hippo packback.

So meet Pippo the Hippo:

I don't know if buying only simple oat flakes altered my taste in the good direction but I strongly hope it did because I will definitely keep on preparing my own granola whenever I'm in the mood for some sweet healthy cereals but healthier and with not so many calories (470 calories/100g is a lot for cereals!).

I hope you enjoy the new posts layout. And have a great breakfast in the morning!

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