luni, aprilie 30


What to do on 12th of May: Orasu'n Bucate

Mic dejun de Bucureşti is one of the media partners of this delicious event which will take place on 12th of May in Bucharest. Where there is food involved, how can we miss that? So let's make a note for that weekend and see you all there!

"Cum Bucurestiului ii lipseau sarea si piperul de la targurile culinare, pe 12 mai va asteptam la cea de-a doua editie a festivalului Orasu'n Bucate, organizat de Metropotam, in parteneriat cu Reader's Cafe - un festival de mancare buna, o adevarata delicatesa pentru papilele gustative ale curiosilor. Cea de-a doua editie a festivalului Orasu’n Bucate va avea loc in data de 12 mai 2012, incepand cu ora 09.30, in fata Centrului Metropolis (Grigore Alexandrescu 89-97, aproape de Stefan cel Mare si Piata Victoriei) intr-o sambata in care fie ploaie, fie soare, sunteti asteptati cu delicii de tot felul. Evenimentul va avea loc in corturi special amenajate, unde vor fi prezente cele mai tari restaurante pe specificuri.

Confirmari pana in acest moment:
Reader's Cafe
La Bunataturi - magazin cu iaurt grecesc, branzeturi din Grecia, vinuri diverse, ciocolata si dulciuri belgiene, panetone si cafea din Italia
Fitto Cafe - fresh-uri, sucuri, deserturi si mancaruri proaspete, sanatoase
Alioli - restaurant cu specific spaniol
Agra Palace - restaurant cu specific indian
Casa Warsteiner - beraria germana
Terasa Doamnei - restaurant cu specific romanesc
Siam Thai- restaurant cu specific thailandez
Pukka Food - magazin de bunatati bio si ecologice

Participarea poate fi confirmata in pagina de event Facebook

 Parteneri media: Restograf, Good Food, Observatorul Cultural,,,, micdejundebucuresti,

marți, aprilie 17

What have I been doing, where have I been

I'd surely like to say I've been busy, but have I been? Well, not quite. I mean, sure, work's still plenty, but I guess I sort of abandoned the routine of posting (which is always bad bad bad). I don't fancy this random way of updating my blog but I'm also confessing that my breakfasts haven't been quite diverse.

Truth is, if I don't post in the morning or in the middle of the day, chances are that I no longer post for weeks. Evenings are usually spent with friends and each evening there's something going out. Summer around the corner, I can barely wait. I recently realized how much I like this city, how much it changed and how beautiful it is now. There are so many things that still need immense amount of work but I look at the best parts and enjoy those, for the time being.

I hope you had a great Easter. Any plans for this spring? :)

marți, aprilie 3

Tell'em all the things you never told

I love mornings, as you all know. And I love light in the morning but also a quiet hour when I can enjoy and celebrate the beginning of a new day. And Bruxelles is everything but the right place for starting your morning like this. I do like the city, but I cannot stop missing Paris. Of course, we already planned to revisit France this autumn or this summer (maybe august) because nothing really compares to that. Sure it's crowded and not the cleanest city, but Bruxelles is disorganised, unnecessarily noisy and people just don't seem relaxed. Well, that's it about mornings here. About my new revelation and thoughts about what may change a person, you find on my personal blog.