luni, februarie 28

Weekend updates, can't wait for the other one

Although yesterday was not a good day for science (or work for that matters), it was for sure a good day for baking bread...

duminică, februarie 27

Someone has a new guilty pleasure

So not a lot of chit-chat going on today just because I have a lot of work to do. But because it's the weekend, I did find the time to make way too many pancakes in the morning. They were, of course, delicious and I ate them thinking how would I manage to spend this day without making some more. I guess pancakes are now the newest guilty pleasure after cheese pies, but nothing will ever compete with chocolate.

sâmbătă, februarie 26

Parlez-vous croissant?

Weekend is finally here! I've been dreaming about tomorrow morning since... Monday! And now I get to sleep until maybe 9 in the morning. I know it doesn't sound much but that for me is more than enough as I'm not a fan of spending too much time in bed in weekend mornings. After preparing breakfast (be sure it's gonna be pancakes again), I will go straight to...

joi, februarie 24

I know someone who likes cheese pies quite a lot

So I'm a big fan of cheese pies because somehow they remind me of those my grandmother used to make which were, of course, so much tastier. What you see in the photo is actually a traditionally Romanian cheese pie and yes, I know you cannot see the cheese in it, but it's there, take my word on it.

marți, februarie 22

Let's talk food!

So I've pretty much decided to be more blog friendly and write a little bit more about what I'm eating. This implies talking about favourite dishes or favourite food I shop in the stores. One thing you should know about me is that...