luni, martie 28

Monday just gets me closer to the weekend

I know, every single day should be our favorite. Luckily, having breakfast in the morning makes every day start a good start. You try it. Now, we have waterlemon, green tea and bio musli (plus dried plums) because I didn't find simple oat flakes so I'll just have to step away from the bag during the day.

duminică, martie 27

Pear, pear, dear pear

So what do we have here? Just some cranberry jam (this particular one is delicious, I'll look on the label if anyone's interested), the bread I already told you about, some pear puree and some black tea (an exception from the rule of drinking only green tea for at least a month).

That's quite a lot of breakfast

Morning, guys,

I'm a terrible mum for this blog since I'm feeding it photos only once in a while. No excuses though because they wouldn't post more photos instead, would they? :) Continue reading...

miercuri, martie 2

Not another cheese pie breakfast!

I know and I start to feel a little bit guilty about that. But I'm actually working on a blog breakfast makeover so I suppose I can be forgiven for eating so many cheese pies. And if there's some of you already thinking that I might love all cheese pies in the world, I'm pleased to let you know that last week I bought a very tasteless one. :)