joi, mai 26

Something to smile upon until I get back

Good news, everyone, I fixed my camera (or my camera fixed itself, better said). But I'm being extremely busy this month with my final paper and my every day job and I really want to plan a make over of the entire blog and photographs. Also, a new camera objective is included. So I will post the next few weeks, just not that often. However, bear with me and don't forget to have a healthy breakfast each morning. I promise you will see a change in your mood within only a few days.

So for today, just an inspirational photo, this time not mine, but taken from

marți, mai 17

My camera went crazy today

So I'm giving you photos I made with my phone. Very unprofessional, I hope I get it fixed very soon, the memory card won't stay inside the camera anymore and I can only hope it's not that big of a problem.