sâmbătă, aprilie 23

Well, then, I made angelica for tomorrow

I used this recipe here that I found on Lily in The Kitchen blog. I found it quite easy for a beginner like me but it must be also thanks to the fact that Lily's recipe was very well explained and also illustrated. All in all, I think it turned out just fine although my dough didn't have the right consistency. But I'll know better next time. :) 'Till then:

Paste fericit tuturor! :)

The Book Breakfast in fact

miercuri, aprilie 6

Eat Breakfast

Don't worry, I'm not taking a break from the breakfast blog. Even though I don't find enough time to post as often as I wish, I do eat breakfast every single morning and I stumbled upon this very nice picture which I wanted to share with you all. I'm thinking about printing and framing this, it would look lovely on a kitchen wall.

As for our breakfast, I will post tomorrow morning. :)