miercuri, martie 2

Not another cheese pie breakfast!

I know and I start to feel a little bit guilty about that. But I'm actually working on a blog breakfast makeover so I suppose I can be forgiven for eating so many cheese pies. And if there's some of you already thinking that I might love all cheese pies in the world, I'm pleased to let you know that last week I bought a very tasteless one. :)

5 comentarii:

  1. Nice photo ! :X
    and delicious breakfast :)

  2. Such pretty pictures! And amazing blog too, I'm your newest follower ;) This blog is a great inspiration for me X.

  3. thanks both, always happy to receive such nice feedback!

    And thank you for becoming a follower, Lynn! :) Stick around!

  4. wow that's a beautiful photo! I feel so inspired now! my favorite breakfast is always oatmeal and i eat it almost every day so i can say there is not shame in having a cheese pie every day! you blog is so amazing -- you are super talented!


  5. Thank you so much! :) I feel ashamed that I haven't posted in a while, but I will very soon. Haha, I liked it when you said you eat oatmeal every day so there's no shame in having a cheese pie daily. I'm actually meeting a friend later in the evening for some wine and some cheese pie, of course! :))

    So stick around. :)