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Vegetarian Tolstoy

From The Vegetarian (London), December 21, 1889:

" It has long been a reproach against Vegetarianism that it produces no great men. Its opponents all too willingly forget such names as Buddha, Plutarch, Wesley, Milton, Sir Isaac Newton, Shelley, and other epoch-making Vegetarians, who have helped to mould the destinies of the world ; and they sneer at the simplicity of teach-ing which is to them foolishness and a rock of offence. To the long list of Vegetarian heroes and giants must now he added the honoured name of Count Leo Tolstoi, the Russian novelist and social reformer."

Photo: Tolstoy and Chertkov, 1910. Credit The Tolstoy State Museum

Articol complet: http://www.ivu.org/history/tolstoy/1889.html

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