joi, august 11

And this is how the cookie crumbles (banana cake)

 This is, let's say, a much better version of a banana bread. And it's easier to make it. So this is what you need for this recipe.

220 g white flour (I used pastry flour)
175 g brown sugar
3 eggs
75 g hazelnuts (roasted in a pan, than ground)
100 g black chocolate (I used the 55% cocoa chocolate)
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp vanilla essence

Mix together the sugar, the eggs and the flour. Add the vanilla and the ground hazelnuts. Add the banana you ripped into approximately 1cm pieces and the chocolate pieces. Carefully mix with a spoon. Pour the mixture in the form and leave it in the oven for an hour. Don't forget to use a baking sheet. That's all! :)

4 comentarii:

  1. Oh they look super good. We bet they were absolutely yummy!? Really need to start with cooking and backing.
    Best wishes ♫

    Midnight Couture Girls

  2. Danke schon! It was indeed yummy! But now the problem is I wanna experience new recipes. Good thing my friends are always happy to taste all the cakes. :)

  3. Minunate imagini !! Bucatar sub acoperire a fost desponsabila de link si nu pot decat sa ma bucur ca am dat click ;) Lovely toate!! frumoasa si isprava ce va fi pe 1 .. O seara faina!