sâmbătă, septembrie 10

This is what I call a happy breakfast

For sure, having breakfast every morning ensures a good start. And the good mood increases when I'm having one of my favourite breakfasts. What's your delight?

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  1. What's in the bottle? What are those ivory-white flakes? Looks great with the blue bowl and the dried plums.
    My delight is having breakfast in open air, with many around the table, and disposing of our time... Well, in every day life cofee is the delight.

  2. In the bottle there is almond milk and the cereals are a mixture of carob powder cereals (these would be the ivory, I think), oat flakes and whole grain flakes.

    Awesome delight you described there! :) I also enjoy the breakfast in open air, but sadly that doesn't happen as often as I'd like.

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