sâmbătă, ianuarie 14

At her place, my grandmother has the most beautiful plates in the world

Before getting into all this breakfast photographing/plates and cups hunting I was more interested in kitchen appliances (who wouldn't be when you can buy something like this?). But during one visit, I found some of the greatest plates and I completely turned into a maniac and asked for my grandma's permission to search through all the almost 200 plates. One of my lucky findings is this blue darling right here. Others you will see in future shots.

My not so updated post is caused by my not that perfect health from the last weeks. I've been prescribed a treatment and between work and going to bed at 10.30 I will have to find some ideas for a breakfast which also respects  my strict diet because I cannot eat a lot of foods anymore, hopefully just during this treatment.

I will now take advantage of the still sunny day to go out at the pharmacy and buy some more pills. I wish you all good health and still keep on having breakfast in the morning. :)

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