sâmbătă, noiembrie 24

Work in progress

 Boy, there are so many things to do in a house. Even though there are moments when you think this is a continuous project and the day when you won't need to buy new tiles, new pipes, new whatever might never come, when things fall into place you understand how everything actually works and you only get excited about it.

As I write, two men are fixing a new door yet I have to run soon for a small photo project, come back home, change and leave again to buy floor tiles and a shower cabin. Tuesday we start working on the bathroom so that should be fun. :) Seriously though, I can't tell you how happy I am for finding all the pieces I want and getting even closer to such a dream.

The kitchen is far from being finished, especially since now I want dark paint where now is dark blue. I still haven't found the perfect chairs (looking for some lab stools, any ideas?). Actually, below is the perfect chair I wanted but it's not for sale at IKEA in Bucharest.


3 comentarii:

  1. foarte frumoasa ,bucataria ta,mi-ar placea sa scriiin romana :)

    1. Hey! Multumesc. Scriu in engleza deoarece sunt unii cititori sunt din alte tari si n-as vrea ca limba romana sa fie o piedica pentru ei. Scriu insa in romana pe Facebook, putem pastra legatura acolo unde anunt oricum si noile postari! Multumesc frumos pentru vizita si sa te bucuri sanatoasa de noul laptop (da, am tras cu ochiul pe blog :p)

  2. multam fain! ok,atunci,am inteles Ma bucur ca ai ajuns si pe la mine...