luni, martie 19

in a murakami mood

There's actually not much to be said. Going back to work feels good although believe or not, I felt weak while coming back home this evening. It was a true spring day and everyone was out on the street. As if seasons changed in a split of a... weekend?

I'm not going over the moon with excitement now for future events. I always knew it's best to keep that poise and be prepared for the unexpected. I enjoy present time since that's actually what we can do best.

I had a good morning, perfect classical notes, in a murakami mood. I love waking up slowly, drinking coffee in that deep morning silence. It's also the moment of the day when my mind is still calm. Or maybe I created that habit for it. Whatever it is, it feels nice.

new furniture for the kitchen in on the floor, waiting to be installed. soon, but let's leave that for some other time.

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