duminică, octombrie 7

how to get better at everything

I really have no idea.Worked piled up yet I'm not complaining. In theory, I know everything should be super organized but here I am procrastinating one more weekend. I'm guessing is the need of taking a break from everything or fear of starting it all over again. Maybe it's a small pause, I have no idea. I'm talking about WOLF 25, of course. Everything else I can manage, so far. Of course, there's the house, so many things which still need to be done. So although Christmas is in 3 months from now, I can definitely say that all I want for this Christmas is to have many things done and my friends joining the parties again because I miss having them over and enjoying lots of home cooked meals. How's everything else going for you? Are there ant wishes for this fall? Things you have on a list?

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