marți, octombrie 9

let's talk food. or love. or love about food

I think what I love most about food is... eating it. Sure I've been dieting, sure, now I'm testing the Dukan diet, but I think as long as I know I have found the balanced way of eating, this one more diet will cause no harm. It's all about reaching the weight you want and also an exercise of self-discipline. My biggest this sort of exercise was being a vegetarian for almost three years now. I have learned how to love ALL vegetables, I discovered that one can crave for brown rice with marrow, drool just thinking about a broccoli or tomato soup and never have enough spinach (yes, SPINACH). I learned to cook properly and healthy. And I discovered that I enjoy baking so much that baking muffins at 3 am during a cooking party seemed perfectly natural.

I dreamt of the perfect kitchen. Few steps from being completed, I can now say that it is perfect. I think I was thinking "kitchen, kitchen!" before even thinking "my own home". I also learned that when you finally have your own place, it feels a hundred times more like home when you fill it in with the dearest people in the world, when you create beautiful memories and also when you enjoy the perfect silence in the morning, something only yours, sometimes shared.

I have already enjoyed so many beautiful mornings here and it just seemed the fullest year. I can only be happy thinking about what's yet to come and wishing for the best, still knowing that unexpected is always a part of the future.

I love food. And I also love to love so I guess that came naturally. :) At the end of the day (or of the first year in the new home), I can say I learned to love so much more.

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  1. I found your picking up reality interesting in the kulinariów/ meaning. it is really an important part of our life (for me above all particular aspect;) I like to draw inspiration than other, to read what they are eating, how are eating, how it influences their health.It is fascinating. also a photographer, but it is already a thing to the separate subject;)
    I like your set about breakfasts:)

  2. Thank you, Monika! I also like to discover people who inspire me and I've recently found this girl who's only 16 and she has the greatest blog: And when someone so young does that, it inspires me and I admire her so so much!