duminică, octombrie 21

Spinach omelet. A love story

It comes as no suprise (or by this time it should no longer be one) that I LOVE spinach. I think eggs+spinach+mozzarella (if around) equals the perfect relationship. Always. Yet I do confess using frozen spinach and fiercely cut while making a quiche proved to have a better taste than the fresh one. Just because I don't chop the fresh one like the one you buy already frozen.

Yet a dear friend just let me know she has a suprise: fresh spinach from the market. Will I be frozen this? No, I'm so gonna eat it all today, fresh and green and wonderful. I love warm food in the morning and fresh coffee. If you don't have time for breakfast, make some. You'll be smiling a whole lot more, I promise.

3 comentarii:

  1. I love spinach. This is very delicious :)

  2. thank u both. I just had some more tonight in a salad and frozen the rest of it from the dear friend who suprised me with a kilo of spinach, fresh from the market.