luni, noiembrie 19

Dreams come true, they really do

These past two days have been so nice yet equally busy. I still can't believe how many things are finally changing. Everything that makes me tired over the day is forgotten once I enter my house. My home. It's such an incredible feeling and such a relief. It took me months to feel that the place belongs to me and that I belong there. But it also took months to fill it with memories, with friends, with family. And building it step by step while looking at the results and seeing how much they are a reflection of who I am makes me feel so happy once again. It's a dream I once had and now it came true. And it's something it takes time and something you appreciate more and more.

I would not give this away for anything, this great feeling I have knowing that I made it, that it's something I accomplished. Something I wouldn't have thought possible 2 years ago. But it's been already one year and here I am: at home. My own home, soon even closer to that dream.

And I can't wait to share it with the most beautiful people in the world. Few, but those incredible few.

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