luni, noiembrie 26

Quinces jam and fighting inner foodie

One should never find the inner foodie, right? Well, I'm doing it. I'm struggling to get back to the Dukan diet but so far I've been doing the opposite. I'm thinking now it's my job to finish the jar I already opened, cook the vegetables in the fridge and restart tomorrow. Can't tell you how many times I started this again and again. But it did me so well, it cleansed my body and I want that feeling back. So tomorrow, Dukan Day 1.

Also, any tips for not murdering another orchid? My lemon trees seem to be doing rather well sitting by the window and I hope the orchid will thrive as well.

2 comentarii:

  1. I want your kitchen one day. :d You have a great sense of decorating. And good luck with your diet.

    1. Thank you so much, yet it's far from being completed! That means a lot especially since it's from someone with a very beautiful blog and who's meowing life! :) Hugs and thanks for visiting, I like having guests around here! :)