sâmbătă, noiembrie 3

You can only have one favourite pumpkin pie

It really bugs me to actually write the name of the blog on the photo. It ruins it. I won't do it again. :) Haha, I guess I wanted to talk about the pumpkin pie. Grandma's gonna do it this time. The pie, not the blogging. She has her recipe that she's been using all her life. I took a weekend off. No cooking, just been lazy and watching cartoons. I decided after many months of working, planning, renovating the house, such a break is all I need. And it feels sooo good.

This is the end result. To me, this will always, and I mean always, be the best pumpkin pie in the whole world. It captures all my childhood, all my autumns, all my good memories. And it's my grandmother who made it and she's part of my childhood as well, that someone who prepared so many breakfasts for so many years.

2 comentarii:

  1. asa mi-e pofta de o placinta cu dovleac ca acasa...si asta arata atat de bine...mmmm, ce pofta mi-ai facut!

  2. Mission accomplished then. :)) Partea buna e ca mai am si pentru maine la ceai. Yum yum. :)